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Author - Business Woman - Resilience & Joy Coach

Maryl Petreccia is an Entrepreneur, High-Performance Joy Coach, Solutions Specialist, and Author to Best-Selling book GPS to Joy, a memoir within dealing with multiple deaths, grief, and ultimately finding your way back to joy.

As the well known Joy Expert, Maryl first started the Joy Activation Process™  – a process born of her own experiences with very disruptive changes and challenging life transitions and grief. Maryl discovered how to deal with heart-wrenching loss and plot a new path to reclaim her joy. The next adventure is the full Joy Continuum launching July 2020.






If you are tired of feeling stuck & struggle with what to do next, if your find yourself feeling derailed & joyless, the Joy Activation Process can ignite your joy &  connect you to your dreams again. 

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About The JumpStart Program

I am Maryl Petreccia, a high-performance joy coach,  and I guide individuals and accomplished professionals whose futures have been stalled by major challenges or changes to reignite their lives and businesses. For anyone feeling stuck and stressed especially with the uncertainty we are all facing, the JUMPstart program helps people remap their future, re-spark their passion and jumpstart what's next from what really matters. I do this work because people feel most alive and joyful when they are restored to their true purpose. 


If you are feeling stuck or derailed, the JUMPstart ½ day intensive is specifically for you and will get you back on track. You will go from feeling anxious and frustrated to freed up with a clear plan and in control again. Why that's important is because our well being depends on us taking decisive action now so we don't further lose connection to our dreams.


“All of us experience adversity at some point in our lives. It could be a job loss, a death in the family, a spouse who cheats, or a health condition. If you haven’t been met with major losses then perhaps you have just lost your way and need direction. GPS To Joy is a must read for anyone who is looking to reinvent themselves after a life change. The Buddhists say you can never step in the same river twice. Life is ever changing.  That is why we all need a step-by-step process to get us on the right path again. As an author, Maryl Petreccia not only walks the walk, she has a proven system to help you do the same. Maryl was a guest on my radio show, Second Vision and I highly recommend her book if you are in search of inner peace and happiness.”

Kristin MacDonald,

Radio Talk Show Host and Author of Unwavering Strength

"Maryl has been a source of inspiration for me in many ways. First, her ability to ask questions that prompt me to look at areas that I had not thought of and get surprising new insights, answers, and actions. She also has been a great teacher, and I’ve learned to change my perceptions and develop new ideas and ways to handle triggers and loops from the past. Lastly, her vast business experience has helped guide me through some of the most difficult business decisions in my career."

-Hazel Ortega,

 Ortega Counseling Center & International Best-Selling Author

"I am a psychologist and I have read many self-help books over the years. I just finished GPS to Joy, by Maryl Petreccia, and I was very impressed with this book.  If you have ever felt “stuck” in your life or been overwhelmed with too many life transitions, this is the book for you. Maryl writes in an easy to follow, clear and precise manner. In each section she tells you what she’s going to tell you, then she spells out the steps succinctly, and then she recaps what she just told you. Throughout the book she has questions for you to answer and worksheets so that you can plan your own path to finding greater joy in your life. I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking to get unstuck or anyone just willing to do the work to bring more joy into current life."

Sally Foster,

Psychologist & Retired Dean of Costa Mesa



Where is there room for more joy? What do you want that is different than what you have now?

And why?


What's the problem? What's off for you? Are you suffering from something about it?


Are your current actions moving you towards joy or away? What would you do instead, if anything?


What adjustments would you be okay with making so the new actions can stick? You need to allow for it to work!


Affirm it! And affirm yourself. Give yourself credit for taking a new action! See if it's working and adjust accordingly.



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