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The JumpStart Program Summary

Are you feeling stuck or derailed?

Do you feel like life has stopped you from growing?

Do you feel like something is holding you back from having what you want?

Are you unclear about where you’re going in life? 


        Life has a way of putting us in situations that seemingly dismantle our plans. Everyone experiences transitions that are SO LIFE ALTERING THAT THEY STEAL OUR JOY and tug at our very core.




This program can take you from wherever YOU are and reconnect you to what matters most and what you truly want. You’ll go from feeling like you are spinning in circles to being inspired and igniting your joy!


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the process

Course Intro


We'll walk through the process and preview each model so you know what you can expect. In the process, you'll see how you can easily put the Joy Activation Process to work in your life even if you don't have any experience with this kind of process.It works even if you don't think it's possible. 

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Module 1 & 2a:  Awaken

What is the biggest challenge right now and what do you want instead? You'll discover how to awaken to what you really want and see what's in the way. You'll awaken so you're completely aware of your situation and you'll wake up to what's really holding you back to identify what you really want but might be anxious or reluctant to claim. You'll pick the realm of your life to focus on: career/finance/passions; health & well-being; relationships & communication; or spirituality.

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Module 2b:  Awaken & Acknowledge

What has been the impact of NOT having it?  In this module, you'll uncover & understand the impact of what you've been dealing with in your life. This will allow you to attract more of what makes you happy and brings you joy. In the process, you'll connect with what matters most to you now and what you hold as most valuable at this point in your life.

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Module 3:  Act Now Actions vs New Actions

Are you currently moving away from joy with this challenge or toward it?  In a matter of minutes, you will uncover what you've been doing, how your current actions are causing your experience; and, you'll replace your current actions that are not serving you with new actions to have what you want. You'll also change your outcomes by shifting your thinking. 

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Module 4 & 5a:  Adapt & Affirm

ADAPT - What adjustments care you willing to make now that you have some new actions? You'll turn your ideas into habitual actions that reconnect you with your true self, align with your core values and what brings you joy.

AFFIRM - Meet the New You. It's time to celebrate & affirm yourself for taking the steps to more joy in your life! 

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Module 5b: Bringing it all together to create your Joy Blueprint.

Welcome to the New You! In this module you will embed the process & embody your true self by mastering the Joy Activation Process and putting it to work on ANY challenge.

session date

Friday, October 23, 12pm - 4pm

Friday, November 13, 12pm - 4pm

Friday, December 11, 12pm - 4pm